Children Issues

You want what is best for your children and your ex says the same thing. Children issues can be most important. Feel free to contact us when you need expert advice on the legal issues to do with your child, whether you are a mother, father, grandparent, foster parent, adoptive parent, relative or carer.

The law allows a lot of leeway to the court when making decisions in relation to children but the overriding principle is to make a decision “in the best interests of the child”. The specific circumstances of each family are different and issues may be subtle, layered and interdependent. Ken Heffernan Solicitors understand that dealing with such child and family law issues requires a considered approach, which will address matters in such a way that will not inflame any party but will focus on outcomes and achieving a good solution for clients. In our view solicitors should not “get in the way of” good solutions.

When issues to do with children are being addressed in an adversarial manner or forum, such as a court, it can be difficult to achieve good solutions based on the best interests of the child. Where the circumstances are appropriate Ken Heffernan, Family Law Solicitor and Mediator can advise and recommend on Mediation and Collaborative Law as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) solutions.

Ken Heffernan, Family Law and Divorce Solicitor and Mediator, is experienced in dealing with these Family Law issues and can apply the legal requirements and formalities to your particular case so as to advise you appropriately for your circumstances whether you are in Cork or elsewhere in Ireland. We understand each client’s circumstances are different and can arrange an appointment for you at a time and place convenient for yourself including evenings and weekends where appropriate.
Contact Ken, on 021 2409025 or to discuss your family law issues in confidence and without obligation.