Why You Should Not Hire A “Pit-Bull” Divorce Solicitor

What should you look for in a divorce solicitor ? In her article on divorce issues, Randi Kreger in Psychology Today advocates that aggressiveness won’t help you in court. However, strong, proactive and even aggressive representation doesn’t necessarily equate with the “pit bull model”. A divorce solicitor classified as a pit bull often tend to be belligerent, argumentative, and eager to fight. Just like your high conflict person.

Ken Heffernan says that his own professional experience supports this view. Ken says that while robust and proper representation is guaranteed for his clients, it is important for the divorce solicitor to bear in mind that a good outcome for the client is the ultimate goal and not a “win” for the solicitor.

Ken Heffernan, Family Law Divorce Solicitor and Mediator, is experienced in dealing with these issues and can apply the appropriate legal parameters to your particular case to advise you appropriately for your circumstances whether you are in Cork or elsewhere in Ireland. We regularly advise on appropriate options including court litigation, negotiation, collaborative law and mediation. We understand each client’s circumstances are different and can arrange an appointment for you at a time and place convenient for yourself including evenings and weekends where appropriate.
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